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Terms and Conditions

Our Service

We supply buyer's bureau services (Services) for digital currency purchasers, to permit you to quickly purchase bitcoin and ether at a reasonable market rate.
By placing an order (Order) on the Website, you consent to be bound by these Terms, which regulate all aspects of the provision of the

How the Order works
You must transfer the payment for the Order in Australian dollars to one of many Australian bank accounts we nominate, by direct over the counter cash deposit.

You must ensure the payment is made within the 'valid for' time defined on the Order confirmation page. We have no obligation if payment isn't received within the specified time to fulfil the Order. If we choose not to fulfil an order we'll refund the payment for the Order in full to you.

You must keep a copy of the bank deposit receipt and supply us with it on request.
We'll promptly transfer ether or the bitcoin, once obtained, to the wallet address that you supply in the Order form.
Appointment as your representative

You appoint us as your representative for the sole purpose of obtaining ether or the bitcoin .
Direct and authorise us to obtain the applicable amount of ether or bitcoin set out in the Order:
The established cost quoted on the Website is based on the current average cost across the various digital currency exchanges we use to get ether or bitcoin .
From time to time, variations in the cost offered on a bitcoin or ether exchange may bring about the real cost of ether or the bitcoin being higher or lower than the agreed cost set out in your Order. However, we are going to always honour the cost set in your Order, as follows:
If the cost we pay on an ether or bitcoin exchange to get ether or bitcoin on your behalf is higher than the contracted cost in the Order, we will bear the cost of this difference.
B) If the cost we pay on a bitcoin or ether exchange to get ether or bitcoin on your behalf is lower in relation to the contracted cost in the Order, you authorise us to retain the difference.
Responsibility and our authority as representative is restricted to obtaining ether or the bitcoin on your own behalf under the Order.
We retain full discretion to select where to get ether or the bitcoin.
We confirm and warrant that we usually do not act as agent for any digital currency exchange or digital currency seller or accept any commission or other form or remuneration from any digital currency exchange or digital currency seller.
We hold the right to will not act as representative to anyone for any reason anytime.
We hold the right to never supply reasons or information as to why we may have refused to behave as representative.

Our Fees

We charge you a fee (Commission) which is a fixed percentage of the Australian Dollar value of the Order, which you must pay at the same time as payment for the Order.
The Commission is clearly set out on the Order page before you make an Order. We hold the right to change the rate of the Commission at any time (except for existing Orders).
The Commission comprised within the total cost of the Order shown on the order verification page and is calculated automatically.
We charge GST on the Commission. The Commission is quoted including GST.
Immediately upon completing the Order, we'll provide you with a tax invoice which establishes the amount of ether or bitcoin obtained, the amount of the Commission, GST charged on the Commission, and the total amount you paid for the Order.
We make no representation or warranty as to whether or not the digital currency that you have obtained is a creditable acquisition for
We are not required to validate the identity of the seller of the digital currency.

No Guarantee

We are not obliged to notify you of any malfunction in our Services, or if any Service feature is limited, restricted or stops.
Although we take reasonable steps to protect the integrity and dependability of our Services, we do not warrant and tend not to give any guarantee or representation that to you:
There will be continuance or any functional stability, availability of our Services;
your use of our Services don't infringe the rights of any third party; or
there will be any continuance of the arrangement formed under these Terms.

We warn you that our Services may be discontinued at our sole and absolute discretion and that our Services may not be functional at times due to:
Outages to networks, any public Internet backbones or servers;
Equipment failure such as the failure of third party systems such as for instance international or local access systems; or
Limited Liability

a) as a consequence of you directing us to transfer bitcoin or ether to a wrong wallet public address, you losing control of or access to your bitcoin or ether wallet or private key or otherwise losing the ability to spend the unspent bitcoin or ether at your wallet public address; or
As a result of you failing to deposit, or a bank failing to procedure, payment for the Order within the specified timeframe; or
as a result of the Service being unavailable at any time.
To the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, disclaims all warranties, either express or implied, including but not restricted to:
Uninterrupted or constant availability of our Services; and
implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose regarding our Services under these Terms.
Particular laws may not allow the exception of some conditions and guarantees where case some of the above exclusions may not apply to you.

Subject to the subsequent LOCAL LAWS paragraph,, to the full extent permitted by law:
excludes all warranties, conditions, terms, representations and undertakings, other than an undertaking set out in these Terms (whether express or implied),including without limitation regarding marketing or other services;
Restricts the obligation of to provide any services, to the obligation to furnish our Services or to pay the cost of having our
Services supplied again;

limits the aggregate liability of to $AUD50:
In regards to any claim; or for any Damages whatsoever.
The constraints set out in this clause apply regardless of whether the obligation or damage is indirectly or directly related to a breach of negligence or these Terms or any other tort or for every other common law or statutory cause of action arising in regards to these
Terms or the Services.

The stated indebtedness limitations are an essential foundation of the bargain between the parties and 's agreement to let you use the Services.
has no accountability for any Force Majeure Event.
This does not change any rights you may have against for omissions or the acts of.


If you consent to these Terms you represent to that you:
are capable of entering into a legally binding deal.
Additionally you represent and warrant that:
All information you've got provided to is correct and current;
You've got the power and ability necessary to enter into the arrangement formed under these Terms and to perform the acts required under these Terms;
you have complied and will continue to comply with all applicable laws, statutes, ordinances, and regulations (including without limitation anti spam laws and any pertinent data protection or privacy laws);
You have not breached any duty toward or rights of any person or entity including, without limitation, rights of intellectual property, publicity or privacy, or rights or duties under consumer protection, product liability, tort, or contract theories and will not.
You'll not use our service to obtain ether or bitcoin for illegal purposes, including but not restricted to, money laundering, illegal gambling, any criminal activity or terrorism financing.

Local Laws

In case a jurisdiction does not allow an exclusion or limitation of liability, but allows a constraint to some certain maximum extent, then obligation of is restricted to that extent.

If any provision in these Terms is invalid under any law the provision will be restricted, narrowed, construed or altered as necessary to render it valid but just to the extent necessary to attain legality.
If the invalid provision that is necessary will be deleted from the remaining provisions and these Terms will remain in full force and effect.


If any provision of these Terms is deemed unlawful, void, or for any reason unenforceable, that provision will be deemed severable and will not change the legality and enforceability of any remaining provisions.
No Waiver


Has the right to assign these Terms to any company or person entity in whole or in part.
You may not assign your rights or delegate your duties under these Terms minus the prior written consent of .
Whole Deal

This Agreement and all documents referenced in this Agreement supersede all prior agreements between the parties and comprise the entire understanding and in relation to your use of the Services.
Governing Law

The laws of Victoria govern any arrangement formed under these Terms and the parties irrevocably submit to the jurisdiction of the courts of that State.

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